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Section I - Quoting

  1. All quotations are quoted in US Dollars.
  2. Sales taxes are not included on quotations.
  3. Any applicable Shipping & Handling fees are not included on quotations.
  4. All quotations are valid 30 days.
  5. Prices for service are based on accurate description of instrument; subject to change only when the product arrives at CPI and differs from the original description.
  6. CPI reserves the right to modify pricing quoted in error due to limited information, custom gage design, additional calibration requirements outside of our standard calibration procedure, quantity difference, or accurate information based on size, range, accuracy, etc.
  7. All CPI quotations are suggested to be included with shipment of gages, along with a purchase order for the quoted service. 

Section II - Receiving Goods

  1. All standard shipments to CPI for repair and/or calibration service should be marked to “Attention: Receiving Clerk.”
  2. All power cords, adaptors, connectors, accessories, chart paper and software must be included with all instruments submitted for service. Failure to do so will delay service turnaround and could result in additional charges if expedited service is then requested.
  3. CPI advises customers to use our Receiving Form located at bottom of our home page at before sending in instruments for service. All service orders must have paperwork submitted with the order. Failure could cause delay in processing your order. Additional charges may apply if customer then request items to be expedited. 
  4. All instruments must be packaged securely as to keep items from becoming damaged. Claims for loss or damage must be filed with the carrier by the customer as it is not the responsibility of CPI. We can only report on damaged items back to the customer.
  5. CPI will strive to return any reusable packaging that you have identified on your order.
  6. For larger instruments, or instruments with a high dollar value, that comes to CPI without appropriate packaging (dropped off, picked up, etc.), CPI will contact the customer directly to obtain the proper box / container or a new custom one can be quoted. This generally is applicable when instruments need to be shipped to a 3rd party for service.
  7. CPI can assist with a courtesy pick-up and delivery service, upon advanced notice / request. There can be a handling charge applied – which will be advised at the time of request (typically by CPI’s Customer Service Supervisor).

Section III - Advises / Estimates for Received Goods

  1. Services are quoted after items are received for instances where no quote was previously supplied, and no blanket PO is on file for your account. 
  2. Quotations will be made to contact listed on paperwork that was received with the equipment. A secondary contact is strongly suggested to facilitate approvals. 
  3. Expected turn-around time for services do not begin until a PO is received.
  4. If a PO is not provided within a week from the original estimate, CPI’s system will automatically resend an estimate as a 2nd attempt.
  5. After that automated reminder, CPI will attempt to contact directly via phone or email for approval.
  6. CPI reserves the right to return equipment without service if no approval is provided within 30 days.
  7. PO’s should be sent directly to our receiving department for services at
  8. A new estimate will be sent if CPI’s calibration department determines an instrument is out of tolerance or needs repair. This may not be applicable for all instruments.
  9. If request is made for calibration service only, and the initial calibration of the gage is out of tolerance, CPI’s policy is to charge for this initial calibration service as the failure is of no fault of CPI. If the tool is adjusted or repaired to put gage back in tolerance, then additional service fees will apply.
  10. All advises will be with standard turnaround time. Any needs for faster turnaround can only be approved by CPI management to ensure there is a qualified tech and standards available to fulfill the request. The cost will be at premium rates.
    1. Premium rates for 3 day turn around is 1.5x the standard rate.
    2. Premium rates for 1 days turn around is 2x the standard rate.

Section IV - Calibration (General)

  1. CPI’s policy is to calibrate according to our standard procedures. If a request is for anything different from our standard procedure, additional charges could apply (based on evaluation by management).
  2. CPI’s policy is to use tolerances / specs that are provided by the customer, if given in advance. If not provided, we will default to manufacturer specs, federal specs, or any other approved industry standard specs. After a calibration service is complete, and there is a request to change the tolerances, additional changes could apply.
  3. When applicable (i.e., Custom gage designs), CPI’s technicians or management will attempt to contact the customer for further information on what to check before the service begins. For these examples, and when no information is provided, CPI reserves the right to provide measured results with no limits. CPI can revisit this calibration event and add in specific tolerances once information has been received. This can incur additional fees based on the circumstances, but generally waived during the first encounter. 
  4. Additional hardware or equipment may be required to proceed with service (generally found out by technicians after receiving). Our technicians or management will attempt to contact customer to provide additional items needed to proceed. If items are not provided, CPI reserves the right to return instrument with no work performed. No evaluation fee will be charged for this situation.
  5. General cleaning service is a part of our standard process (and cost for calibration service). Should any excessive cleaning outside of our normal process be required, CPI will attempt to contact customer directly for an approval on additional service fees. The fees are applied regardless of if the gage passes calibration.
  6. CPI will honor a request for a review of calibrated readings up to 30 days from original calibration date. However, CPI does not warranty a calibration once it leaves our facility, or an onsite calibration is complete and is not responsible for any subsequent claims made by a customer of damaged product due to a gage becoming out of calibration. 
  7. CPI standard cycle for calibration will default to 12 months unless the customer advises a specific request of the due date / cycle in advance.
    1. Changes to this after the service is already complete, could result to additional fees of $5 per tool with new certificate and label.
  8. Not all calibrations are accredited at CPI. Please refer to our scope of accreditation on our website (bottom of our home page, click on the A2LA logo). 
    1. Should you need accredited calibration for a specific gage type, it is advised to mark that on your paperwork in advance. 
    2. Should you need accredited calibration for all gage types, please refer to our scope prior to sending in gages to CPI. 
  9. For accredited calibrations, CPI uses the “simple acceptance method” for its acceptance decision rule. In-tolerance conditions are on test results falling within specified tolerance limits with no reduction by the uncertainty of the measurement. 

Section V - Repair

  1. Repairs are not limited to just one issue of the tool; they are based on full repair service to the tool. Service includes a complete breakdown of the tool and replacing or repairing any worn parts.
  2. If a tool is deemed beyond economical repair (repair cost is greater than 50% of the standard list price of replacement) CPI will not proceed with the repair and will advise replacement. Replacements may be quoted by our sales department at the customer’s request.
  3. CPI will warranty any repair service in question up to 30 days from original repair service date.
  4. Evaluation fees are free for most precision instruments. Certain exceptions can apply to instruments that require a large amount of time to evaluate such as hardness testers or 2D height gages.
    1. If the instrument is deemed not repairable, CPI will provide a summary report as to why we made the decision (i.e., Beyond economical repair, or Parts no longer sold by manufacturer). 

Section VI - Outsourcing

  1. CPI has the right to send gages out to another vendor under the following conditions:
    1. Our master is out to be calibrated and cannot be returned in a timely manner to meet the turnaround requirements.
    2. We are not ISO 17025 accredited for that specific gage.
    3. We cannot repair a gage that failed calibration.
    4. We believe better turnaround can be met by a 3rd party partner.
  2. We will notify the customer via email when an outsource is recommended. We reserve the right to return the gage not serviced if we do not receive approval within 2 weeks of notification.
  3. a can be sent to one of our approved vendors to accommodate the service needs.
    1. If the customer requests a specific vendor, and they are already on our approved vendors list, we will source to that vendor.
    2. If there is no specific vendor request, CPI will attempt to use the best qualified, most cost-effective vendor that can meet a specific requirement(s) the customer has on the service.  
  4. CPI will ship the instrument(s) to the vendor after receipt of the tool and PO.
    1. Depending on the vendor, the service that is needed, quantity, time of shipment, etc., the turn-around time can be different from each inquiry.
  5. Most vendors charge an evaluation fee for their services – this will be included in the estimate.

Section VII - Onsite

  1. All Travel fees are based on estimated manpower and days required in parallel to the list of tools that is provided on original request.
    1. The price shall include an amount that is calculated upon roundtrip distance (from CPI’s facility to the site and back), based on Google Maps, and the number of days and number of technicians required to complete the work.
  2. Standard Set-Up fees are $125 per tech per onsite schedule for reoccurring services, and $250 per tech for new onsite services (this first-time rate will reduce to $125 next scheduled visit).
    1. Set-Fees include loading equipment into van, unloading to your facility, creating cert templates in our software, security / safety training at site, etc.
  3. PO must be provided at least 2 weeks before a scheduled date of service. CPI has the right to cancel or change the schedule onsite if a PO or a list is not provided before 2 weeks of the date of service. 
    1. For cancellations made by the customer within 1 week before the scheduled date, CPI has the right to invoice a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the total job.
  4. Unless the job has been negotiated with CPI management for a fixed rate per day, any lost time at the job due to equipment not being available for calibration or a delay of any sort due to no fault of CPI will result in a $100/hr. fee. 
  5. CPI will schedule adequate time, qualified technician(s), and qualified standards based on the defined list that is provided in advance.
    1. Any changes to this request at the time of the onsite, may conflict with our ability to perform the requested service.
    2. Invoices will reflect services rendered. Often there are items removed or added at the time of the onsite that differ from the original list due to customer requests.
    3. CPI can refuse a heavy addition of tools outside of the original tool list. Upon CPI management approval, we will attempt to accommodate the additional tools and time required during that same onsite event; however, CPI will charge a PREMIUM calibration service rate for those specific tools (and invoice those accordingly). If additional days are needed, then additional travel fees will be added – that will also be added on to the total invoice.
  6. CPI requires the facility to provide Wi-Fi access for the technician(s) to remote into our Calibration Software to perform calibration service.
  7. Customer shall provide CPI a workspace with a consistent temperature between 62 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit; with humidity maintained at less than 80% (non-condensing).
    1. CPI technicians are instructed not perform calibration onsite when temperature readings are outside of these thresholds.
    2. Should the customer be unable to provide this specific environment, CPI has the right to cancel the onsite. Applicable travel and set up fees still apply if customer fails to provide proper environmental conditions.
  8. Customer shall provide a work surface that is suitable to support equipment and laptop computers.  
  9. Customer shall provide a grounded 110V electrical power supply.
  10. Customer shall provide CPI access to facility suitable with an entrance large enough to accommodate a standard industrial cart, and that is protected from inclement weather, such as a loading dock or covered entrance. Entrance needs to be free of stairs which would be unsafe to carry heavy equipment.
  11. All onsite services must meet a $1000 minimum of calibration labor (fees not included) unless CPI management agrees to other arrangements in advance.
  12. Upon completion of the Onsite Service, CPI will upload the certificates onto a flash drive, and provide this to the customer. This protocol is subject to change at the discretion of CPI.
    1. These certificates will also be uploaded onto CPI’s online database where they can be viewed and printed (tentative to be “real time” access for all customers in 2021).

Section VIII - New Tool Sales

  1. CPI can provide a replacement quote when a tool fails calibration due to being out of tolerance or not functioning. This is by request only. Please contact CPI inside sales each time for this replacement quote.
    1. Quotes generally include a separate line item for calibration service.
    2. For obsolete models or brands that we do not represent, CPI will attempt to quote a replacement that matches the original tool as best as possible.
    3. For pin gage sets, thread wire sets, and gage block sets, CPI offers a reinsertion service (BY REQUEST ONLY). This includes the price to calibrate the new replacement(s) and to obtain a new certificate of calibration for the original set. These orders will be processed as a complete order.
  2. CPI can provide a new tool quote from our inside sales team from product lines we distribute (please see a complete list of these lines through our website at
    1. It is advised to request a certificate of calibration on all new tool quotations as not all new tools have a certificate of calibration supplied with them. It is also advised to specify if this cert needs to be accredited to ISO 17025 or not.
  3. For unique applications or suggestions on measurement devices, it is advised to consult directly with a CPI Sales Representative to observe the application in person, review a print, etc.
  4. Based on the specific product line, returns can be warranted.
    1. Original packaging must be included.
    2. The original packing slip that came with the tool(s) must be included.
    3. When applicable, instruction manual, accessories, battery, etc. (everything originally supplied) must be included.
    4. Certain gagetypes will not be valid for return if there is evidence of damage or misuse. 
    5. Based on the reason for return, some vendors may have a restocking fee and / or not authorize the actual return (each inquiry is evaluated case by case).
    6. If CPI calibrates any new tool, and there is a need for a return on this tool, CPI will not credit the calibration service as that was a service rendered.  
  5. For new customers, CPI requires the initial purchase to be transacted via Credit Card or advance payment may be required.
  6. All new tool orders have a $100 minimum unless there is a replacement service quoted.  
  7. Some product lines require specific minimums that need met before an order can be placed.
    1. Inside sales will attempt to advise on this, when applicable.
  8. While all CPI quotes are firmly valid for 30 days, there are some promotions periodically available based on the product line.
    1. CPI will attempt to honor the original price quoted unless the promo has ended. We will attempt to contact the customer directly to revise the PO and / or quote (when appliable) before the order proceeds.
  9. CPI cannot be held accountable for any warranty claims or requests on new products. We will attempt to work with the vendor directly to facilitate the warranty claim.
    1. Most warranties are 1 year, ARO.
  10. For direct shipments, CPI cannot be liable for as found conditions of the product if damaged or another product was accidently shipped in error by the manufacturer.
    1. CPI advises to inspect the product before use to prevent any issues with the original manufacturer.
  11. Lead time is quoted in business days (weekends not included).
    1. Lead time on quote is based on exactly what the vendor advises to CPI. Calibration adds additional time to vendor delivery estimates.
    2. For unexpected delays, CPI will attempt to communicate directly with the vendor. In turn, CPI will also attempt to communicate directly with the customer.
  12. Prices quoted are based on quantity requested.
    1. Some vendors may offer a quantity discount based on volume.
  13. For in stock items, CPI can work with the customer to provide Next Day Air shipments upon request.
    1. It is advised to first call directly to our inside sales department to discuss availability and required steps for this type of request.
    2. We cannot proceed with the order without a written purchase order.
    3. It is advised to put in this request directly with our sales staff no later than 12:00pm EST. Anything after that, does not give CPI enough time to fulfill the NDA request.
  14. Submit all orders directly to
    1. There will be an automated confirmation provided if the order goes to this email address. No further action required. Should you need an official confirmation directly from CPI sales, we would advise calling us directly at our main line 513-874-2122.

Section IX - Shipping

  1. All packages will be properly packaged and shipped according to customer’s purchase order.
    1. CPI is not responsible for any damaged goods unless it is determined as not packaged properly (pictures of as found condition is required).
    2. If a package was damaged during transit; the buyer is to notify the shipping company to file a claim.
  2. A packing slip will be provided with each shipment and will have the customer’s purchase order number stated for reference.
  3. CPI reserves the right to ship items as they are complete, unless specified prior to services being rendered.
  4. Handling charges apply to individual invoices unless specified prior for all orders to ship complete.
  5. CPI can assist with a courtesy pick-up and delivery service, upon advanced notice / request. There can be a handling charge applied – which will be advised at the time of request (typically by CPI’s Customer Service Supervisor).

Section X - Invoicing / Billing

  1. The currency for all invoices will be issued in U.S. dollars.
  2. All invoices will be issued at the quoted price unless CPI was given incorrect information.  Please refer to Section I for more information.
    1. If an invoice is different from a quote, the customer has the right to request the difference of the overcharge. CPI will provide a credit for those instances barring there was enough clarity on original request for service.
    2. Original invoice can be voided in this circumstance, and a revised invoice will be provided.
  3. Net terms are 30 days, unless determined otherwise by CPI in writing.
  4. All invoices are considered delinquent on the 31st day after the date of the invoice. Finance charges are 1.5% per month.
  5. There will be an upcharge on all orders that do not meet CPI’s minimum order requirements even if the customer’s purchase order does not notate this upcharge.  If valid credit card information is given to CPI prior to services being rendered, the minimum order requirements do not apply.
  6. Submit all accounts receivables inquires directly to
  7. Payments can be made via ACH or by check.
    1. Please contact Customer Service for ACH information
    2. Please send checks to P.O. Box 44864, Middletown, OH 45044


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